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Struggling Exists

Struggling Exists

If it would be easy - everyone would do it. 

Saying this, I don´t want to scare anyone away from sports - not at all. Struggle is just part of the journey, it´s real and it´s not only in athletics. No matter what we are doing, when trying to reach another level it´s most likely we face some struggle. 

Giving up and trying something new when the struggle is happening doesn´t help, it only lasts until the struggle with the new thing appears. So why not at least try to overcome a difficult situation. 

What I like about athletics is that exactly this scenario can be taught for life. Sports offers struggles but it also offers options to overcome them fairly quickly. Even when there is maybe only one chance to qualify for a big race, there are plenty of chances to get mentally and physically ready for those moments. 

Yes the Olympics are only once every four years, and all kinds of championships are only once a year, but there are series of races. I, as a Biathlete, was pretty spoiled with options of racing at the highest level. We had nine world cup stages with three races at each stage. This offered quite some chances to get back after having struggled one day. 

Where else do you get a chance so fast again to show what you really have in you? Even in school, students have to wait until the next test happens. That´s also a reason, why I find it great being an athlete at a young age. It´s a good school to learn how to overcome setbacks - it can be different the next day - if treated right. Even when it will not turn into a professional athletic career, the experiences sports offer are incredible. 

So next time you struggle with something, just remember, that's part of the game. Then the ability to overcome struggles decides what happens next.  

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