Raising Resilient Athletes


As a young girl, Andrea found her passion as a gymnast, a xc-skier and just a little later as Biathlete. This passion led her with ups and downs to 2 Olympic Gold medals and 8 Worldchampion titles. Now she is sharing her learnings with the new generation.

Let me tell you why I like to do that

I competed through most of my life and had great results and some not-so-great ones. Those I call my learnings. I learned a lot, and my last wake-up call was just early enough. In other ways, my career would have been ten years shorter, and my life would be a different one. And I want you as well to have an athletic career as long as you like to compete, and not as long as circumstances dictate it.



I competed for Germany, where I grew up and moved to the US end of 2015 to live with my husband where he grew up



I started joining regular xc-ski and gymnastic sessions, when I was in first grade



The reason I started skiing was my older sister's wall decoration. I wanted to have the same thing hanging over my bed - a ski pole with lots of medals hanging down on it



At the age of 12, I became a Biathlete, and a year later, I went to a boarding sports school and found that the coolest thing ever



When I was 16, I had my first international events and a silver and bronze medal at World Junior Championship - and it was not even my goal



My first race at the Olympics was my best one out of 16 - came saw won - and I am so grateful for this win



Two years after Olympic Gold I barely qualified for the National Team and had so a important, never regret wake up call, which was the best, what could have happened to me


The win I am most proud of was the overall, when I was 30 years old



The thing I am most proud of - coming back to the top of the world, after it was almost over


​​I had a great start in my life. I was very active, loved running around, and it was hard to get me inside at the end of the day. Starting school, I had all sorts of different after-school activity options and chose to join gymnastics, xc-skiing, and singing in a choir (don´t ask me to sing - better for your ears). In third grade, I quit gymnastics because I hated missing xc-ski sessions because of it. The choir didn`t affect my training negatively (or my singing performance positive), so I quit that too, but not until I switched to a sports boarding school when I was 13.

I was competing until the age of 36 and looking back to lots of things I did right, lots of things I didn´t do optimal, and I keep educating myself on how I could have done better and passing on what I discovered.


You are a young athlete between 14 to 21 and looking for some guidance to find your way to succeed in your sport? This can mean you want to be part of your Highschool team, become an Olympic athlete, or everything in-between. Your goal is individual and not a size.

When you are willing to work physically for your athletic success, I am here to support you with lots of experience and knowledge. I want you to be able to make your own decisions because I believe this gets you where you want to be, and hard work will feel easy, good, and fun.


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