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Lack of Focus


With so many distractions, and no clearly defined and measurable plan, it’s easy to get lost in shiny object syndrome. 

Not just for the next silver bullet solution, but for trying too many things at once versus perfecting one first before moving on to the next.

Sports, like everything else, have multiple layers. And like everything else, we can not focus on everything at the same time - guess what, that´s not focussing at all. 

Let´s imagine an xc-skier. We all see them skiing kind of the same way, but looking a bit closer, we can see that everyone is doing this same thing slightly differently. When we then would like to try to ski, like someone else, we really need to focus on all different aspects of technique - the angles of the joints, including the ankles, knees, hip, and elbows. Checking on the position over the ski, from the front and from the side. Looking at the arm swing, and then all of this changes depending on the grade and speed. Trying to catch all of this simultaneously is not just impossible; it´s also everything but finding focus. 

For this example, a coach or athlete can start with the one thing that points out the most. Going through the different elements step by step will bring the athlete much faster to the desired result than trying everything at once before the individual components get their undivided attention. Even then, it´s hard enough to master the task.

It´s not easy to let go of all the layers needed to succeed. But no one started reading an essay on the first day in school. Even when this was the wanted outcome, we started with reading letters, words, and small sentences. 

I know it´s very tempting to just go for the big dreams. That´s very good to get started doing a sport. In this way, kids find out if they like it or not. Once they consider themselves being an athlete of the sport and want to get to the next level, it´s helpful to implement focus as a plan to not get lost on the shiny objects but move towards them.

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