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Consistency - a Key to Success

Consistency - a Key to Success

Consistency is not just leading to success but to consistent success, which is much more fun than a one-time win.

Patience is usually not an athlete's main characteristic. That´s why it is so good to have a competition calendar that shows when it's time to perform at best. It doesn´t make much sense to be in top shape before the races, which gives athletes time to build a solid and needed foundation through consistent training for long-term success.

The goal of winning a specific competition often already requires success to qualify for the competition the athlete wants to win. Not one athlete went straight to the Olympics and won a medal. It took years of training and countless competitions on all levels. Just good; all of this is exciting and fun. I would not have had as much fun if I only would have trained in the year of the Olympics and then had one race following this preparation. It doesn´t even need a deep thought to realize that this scenario doesn´t exist anyway.

Athletic success is a process, and as more consistent an athlete is in taking action on the things that should be done at a certain time, the success will likely follow. 

It just doesn´t work to be over motivated one week to step back the following because of exhaustion. Athletes can not pre-train or try to catch up after missing a couple of sessions. Training is a process that leads to the adaptation of body systems.

At this point, I need to make one very important point: Consistency in athletics doesn`t mean doing every day or week the same sessions. Consistency means following a structured plan all the time instead of following it in sections or switching sessions around a lot. What I mean by consistency is being committed all the time to whatever is on the plan. This can even mean taking an off day on which the athlete recovers for future sessions. Of course, a plan still can be changed or adjusted, but I think you know what I mean by saying following a structured plan consistently.

Still, the inpatients in athletes can be used daily by taking the necessary consistent action. It is okay to be inpatient when the next training session is coming up and the athletes want to get it done. A plan provides the steps which should be followed with quality.

I find it relaxing to know it doesn´t make sense to do everything at once but take one step at a time. This also makes it possible to find the focus and purpose on What Are You Getting Out of Your Session, every single one - consistently. 

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