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Taking Ownership - Part 2

Taking Ownership - Part 2

Talking ownership has many faces and stages.

Some stages are easier to reach than others, and the best way to learn to take ownership is going through different stages.

In Part 1, I mentioned the stage of being aware of all the training sessions instead of “only” completing them. This helps to understand and learn the way of training structures, strong and weak areas, and it´s motivating when realizing training effects.

This first step leads to the next one, which is owning those training sessions. Young athletes sometimes feel that they need to go to practice and need to do the sessions, either for the coach or the parents. That´s the opposite of ownership. When we create the feeling that we need to do something without a purpose, it will never be done as well as doing it with intention or an ambitious goal in mind.

Yes, sometimes it´s the case that a session we are not in the mood for needs to be done. But the quality of this session is regulated by the reason behind the “need.” Normally an athlete never does a session for someone else, but for themself, their goals, their future, and their dream.

I used to say: “I need to do that because I want to achieve something.” Which also changes I need to into I want to.

That's the ownership I´m talking about in this blog post. Owning the sessions, completing them with full presence, and knowing that the coach only wants the best for their athletes. But a coach can only do so much, how an thletes takes on the coaching and training is up to the athlete itself.

You are never too young or too old, to take full ownership of all of your training sessions. The best way to take ownership is to know What are you getting out of your session. It is also much more fun to go to practice with intension.

It´s so simple and so effective! It´s hard to believe, that it is even a topic, which can be addressed, but complanin is real. Not just in sports, also in school, taking care of equipment, and other fields. Let´s shift the I need to into I want to because…. (fill out the plank)


Do you have a Dream? Keep going towards it :)



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