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Success Wants Attention

Success Wants Attention

Treat your current and future success like the best friend you want to have on your side lifelong. 

It is very tempting to think we cracked the code after a win, a huge step into the direction we aim for, or other successful events. If you are feeling this way, I promise you to get proven to be wrong. I tested that for you in 2002, and I promise it´s still the case!

Success is nothing that just stays with us once we accomplish a win. Success is something that doesn't want to take for granted - it only sticks with us when petted and humbling treated right. This doesn´t only apply to sports but everything! Sport again is a great way - with many other positive (side) effects - to expereince success and how fragile it can be. 

The great thing about success is that it tastes very sweet; that´s why everyone wants to have it, claim it, and taste it all the time. To really feel that, you want to determine first what success means to yourself. Success might have as many definitions as people living in this world. Feel free to create your definition, and also feel free to adjust it as much as you need to. Success at the age of 14 might looks different than the early 20s or any other year of life. 

I don´t want to go too deep right now, but once we know what success is, we can name what we need to accomplish to achieve success. For me personally and with the message of Compete Like A Pro, success is not a one-time event. If you start with a certain win as your success, think about the meaning of this win - because you want something you can carry on after this race. 

There is not every day a competition in which we can prove a success, but there is an everyday action to accomplish success. Those actions show how much we want the success we train or work for. That's why every action taken is a success, and as more quality is found in the daily activities as better your success feels treated. 

Please see success as a journey, which has a preparation phase, and to keep it: treat it well once it shows up, like a friend you want to keep in your life. 

Do you have a Dream? Keep going towards it :)

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